Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend in DC

We had a wonderful memorial day weekend...But I think if I have to eat another hot dog or hamburger I will lose my marbles. By the 17th BBQ you are thinkin'...havent we done this every day since Thursday?!?! Ok I know I exaggerate but I feel like we had a BBQ for breakfast lunch and dinner all weekend.

Out here in DC, the big thing on Memorial Weekend is "Rolling Thunder" which is an event founded by Vietnam Vets in order to celebrate not only soldiers who lost their lives in wars but also Prisoners of War Missing in Action. Over 750,000 people and over 500,000 (yes HALF A MILLION) motorcycles gather in the pentagon parking lot Sunday morning to ride in their honor. They call it Rolling Thunder because when all of the motorcylces ride the whole city sounds like thunder (duh).

It is a HUGE event, even for those who are not military or who do not own a bike. They raise money and donate to all types of charities. It really is a wonderful and overwhelming day to be apart of when you stop to think of its cause and what it represents. Sure we are very biased being that us and all of our friends are military and own motorcycles...but I would put this event on anyone's checklists of things to do in life. You will not be disappointed. Here are somes pics from our weekend!! Good food, good friends, great weekend! Hope everyone had a good one!

Just because we are bikers doesn't mean we look like this. Looks are very deceiving, he was as nice as could be.

Rich got a new hat and thinks he is Indiana Jones now. Back off ladies he is all mine.

Oh and we took the rugrats to the pool!


harms&brodes said...

you guys are so awesome that looks like it was so much fun! i love rich's hat that is definately a new look for him ha ha i miss you guys

love harms

Woods said...

you're a hot biker babe! I wish I could of been there, it sounds amazing! I am so glad you finally posted some pictures, I was starting to forget what you look like!! Love ya

*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

Brit, you are a hottie. And the two boys are little heartbreakers aren't they. I want to see you this summer! Do you have any time off?

Dan and Lindsey Walker said...

Looks like so much fun, you cute biker chick! Who are those adorable boys? They are so cute.

Brandon and Lindsay Maughan said...

How fun! You guys look so good. You're such a cute couple, and the kids are adorable! Hope all is well babe!

Schonbergs said...

It's about time you posted you little hooker! I miss you so so much every second!!! you are so tan and lookin so dang sexy!

*LAYLA & AUSTIN* said...

BRITT! That might actually work out perfect--I am going to D.C next monday the 16th until Wednesday the 18th to do some lobbying for some associations my dad is involved with and then I was going to fly back to NYC Thursday morning. I don't think my dad has gotten my ticket yet so maybe I can just stay a few days with you and then fly back...what do you think??? I would probably want to be back Saturday sometime at the latest. Let me know if that would work or whatever. I want to see you so if that doesn't work we will plan something else for sure!