Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm Laughing...are you?

Check out this You Tube video-----Am I just easily entertained or does anyone else find this hysterical!!! Watch the guy in the center. Too funny. Let me know if I'm just really lame for laughing. :)


We expect these people to run their own country yet they can't even do a damn jumping jack! Incredible.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daddy's Home!

I had to play the oldie! Daddy's Home!!

Well Deserved R&R

Hey hey!!

Wow I was on the verge of getting kicked out of the blogging world if i didn't get my act together and post something!!! Sorry Ladies.....I have been busy "catching up" with my man--very very busy with him no time for computers :)!! But he is home and life is great, we just got back from a much deserved vacation to Florida. We went to Miami/Ft. Lauderdale for four days. Absolutely beautiful, a little crazy though with all the spring breakers but we enjoyed ourselves very much. The hotel was by far the nicest we have ever stayed in......Ever..you know you are real classy when you see a bidet for the first time and think what in the world does that do? (the toilet that sprays warm water on your butt). Not sure why anyone really needs one of those. Needless to say I think Rich used it 7 times a day. He would have brought it back with us if he could. He's gross.

I was so excited to see the sun for the first time this year that I got a little out of hand and layed out way too long... I was a lobster the rest of the trip. We are quite the vacationers---can't keep Rich out of the bathroom and I look like I am on fire. But we had a wonderful time!!