Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cheap Thrills....

Things that excite me right now.....

1. Edy's Take the Cake Ice Cream......tell me one person that doesn't like the taste of cake batter? I made a mistake by going grocery shopping while on my P......well you know....and I left the store with 3 things of ice cream, a bag of peanut M&M's, Oreos and a twix, this little carton of heaven was by far the best purchase..DELISH!

2. My 3 inch Memory Foam mattress topper and Memory Foam pillows. You are thinking what?!? For the longest time Rich and I have been sleeping on a poor excuse for a mattress, when I take the sheets off it looks like a cereal bowl for crying out loud, everything sinks to the middle. Buying a new $2000 mattress isnt exactly in the budget right now so the next best thing was a mattress topper, if you have my same dilemma, GET ONE! You will not be disappointed, I sleep so well I was late to work 3 times last week! OOPS!

3. Girls nights... Obviously I couldn't have a date night right now even if I wanted to, but really-- aren't girls nights close to being the best thing ever!? I hate to say that its been easier having Rich gone, but there is nothing like a girls night out (or a girls night in) to help take your mind off of the stresses in life. I am so blessed to have such amazing women/girls in my life both here in VA and of course my favorite girls back home reading this... Harms I would give my right arm to have a girls night with you right now! I would be lost without each of you in my life! xoxoxo

4. The song from the preview Pineapple Express, its called Paper Planes by M.I.A., it is not anything that I would ever listen to before or like anything you would find on my IPOD but I dare you to listen to it and not break out in dance, its the most random song with random lyrics and sound effects but something about it just gets me... After the first minute I'm tired of it but the beginning makes you wanna shake something.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Generation Kill

So I have to dedicate this post to Rich....I have to start by saying he is the most humble person I know and the only good thing about him being deployed is that he can't see that I am posting this, or he would have me take it down for sure......he never talks about himself or how he has accomplished so much throughout his career but truth is he has accomplished more than most Marines ever will. He is apart of the most elite group of Marines known as Reconaissance Marines. He has reached the pinnacle of his career in more ways than one and truthfully I just adore every ounce of him. Last night his movie career even took off! HAHA not really but what I am getting at is a new HBO mini series called Generation Kill (not the nicest title...doesn't make you feel warm 'n' fuzzy) but it is about the Marines of the First Reconaissance Battalion during the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom. A retired marine and friend of Rich's named Eric Kocher plays him in the miniseries as Gunnery Sargeant Barrett. A Rolling Stones reporter followed them for several weeks and documented everything that went on, so it is a factual account of what they went through. A few warnings it is raunchy and irreverent but at the same time it portrays them as real as possible so you have to appreciate that for what its worth. Check it out on Sunday nights at 9pm......if you're expecting a feel good war movie you will be disappointed....this is real life people! oh and I'm allowed to brag a little bit without making you all throw up right? Right!