Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Don't be deceived by the happy family in the picture, seconds before the flash there was whining and crying and yelling, and jabbing of elbows and even some bribing just to get a good picture....I didn't win the battle in what the boys wore and there wasn't the perfect picture but after a while you just have to say whatever and Merry freakn' Christmas! A Majority of them turned out like this...

I'm not a professional photographer--SHOCKER but our tripod delivered just fine. After an hour of torture (Erik's face says it all) and more bribing we ended up taking our favorite picture right outside our door. Matching outfits are done--over it! Pictures are rough with boys!! Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Very Sound Advice

I was taking the boys to school yesterday and Erik out of the blue decided to give me some very good advice for the day, he said Britt you should never poop at school because mean kids will look under the stall and look at you pooping, or look through the cracks and know that it is you, I was caught off guard and kind of felt sad for my little buddy because it sounds like he was speaking from experience, so I asked him if this had happend to him and he said yes that's why now when he has to poop at school he holds it until he gets home even when it is "really bad" He said that chicken nuggets make him poop so especially those days are bad, Awwwww poor little guy! I told him that he should go during class when all the other mean kids are in class and won't be in the bathroom to disturb his privacy. He also told me that they are g-a-y, yes he spelled it out because apparently that is a new swear word and he thinks it's bad to say it out loud along with the "h" word and all the others that he now knows are "bad". Isn't there a book called "Everybody Poops" I need to get that for him so he can get over this new fear and not be ashamed to do his business!!

Speaking of funny kids this is my favorite you tube video of the week

P.S. Stay tuned for acutal pictures next week! Rich gets home in 43 hours! Who's Counting?