Monday, April 13, 2009

Ready or Not...

With April already here and half way over I realize this unbelievably busy year is going to start flying by at 90mph and it all starts in a few weeks.... am I ready?

4 weeks from today

I graduate nursing school...finally

who is the girl in the picture? Good question...try googling nurse and see how many pictures of skanky girls in nurses uniform you get, apparently the search results for "nurse" is girls with big boobs dressed up as nurses ...she was the only decent one.

3 weeks from today

Comes home (yes again)

3 1/2 weeks from today

No I wont be having Christmas Dinner...but 12 members of my family will all be here under one roof for graduation and it may feel a little like the Griswold Family Christmas.

In 22 weeks (yes I realize this is a ways away)...

Rich and I do this

In between all of this we will be traveling to Utah 47 times because we were smart and decided to have a destination wedding...

And anyday now I might lose my mind!

Who doesn't have a busy life these days but Rich and I did a pretty awesome job at cramming 12 million important things all into one year. But all joking aside it's going to be the best year.