Monday, February 9, 2009

Where did January go?!?

Holy Moly January is gone and it's time for an update! We have been super busy....where to really good friend Andrea came to visit us a couple weeks ago and stayed for the weekend we caught up on much needed girl time and took a girls day to DC and I finally found a dress! I tell you what, you think dress shopping would be fun and exciting which it is but its so much more stressful than I had anticipated every dress shop is telling me that it takes atleast 9 months to get my dress ordered, made, altered blah blah and that if I don't buy their dress that very second I may never find my dress in time!! Holy dramatic! So rather than being an enjoyable experience its one of panic and filled with so much pressure to find the perfect dress...I have to say I'm glad that I found it and it's done.

Rich took me hand gun shooting on a small arms range which was a great time....apparently Rich collects guns like a kid collects stuffed animals I knew we had atleast 2 hang guns in the house but when Rich was getting the guns ready for our outing he pulled out this giant black bag with all kinds of man toys inside --for a second I thought it had to be illegal to own that many guns! I had no idea we packed so much heat in our house! Intruders Beware!

We had Superbowl Sunday at our good friend's house (Joe & McKayle)....

And lastly we thoroughly enjoyed this Saturday Night Live clip from last weekend...not that I am am condoning smoking marijuana but REALLY?!?! funny funny (there is a short 10 sec commercial before the clip so be patient:) and until I get more "computer smart" you have to click on the link to see it I have no idea how to transfer the video dierectly onto my blog???