Sunday, April 20, 2008

Naughty Girl

So we have had kiwi for 2 1/2 years and throughout those years Rich and I have had about 87 arguments about her peeing on the carpet and have gone through about 87 new rugs. She goes on walks and I let her out all the time but for some reason she just likes to "do her thing" on our soft carpet. The arguments go something like this and let me just say it is the same each time almost word for word and nothing changes.....she still pees....and we still argue!!
Rich: BRITTTTT!!!!!!

Me: (oh crap I know that yell) yeeaaahh????

Rich: Kiwi peed on the carpet AGAIN!!!! (and then you hear him yelling at kiwi as if she is a child and knows what he is talking about)

Me: Ok.......well why are you telling me? Can you get the carpet cleaner and start cleaning it?? The time it takes to yell my name and wait for me is time you could be using to soak up the pee!!!

Rich: Where is the carpet cleaner?? Where is a rag?? (It's in the same place it always is but for some reason he has to ask every time)

Me: ok I'm coming with the rag, it's going to be fine, it's nothing we can't clean up and if I can't get it up we will just get a new rug.

Rich: Why do we continue to get nice things when she ruins everything??

Me: Well I'm not going to have a rug that has pee stains all over it and I'm certainly not getting rid of her!!
And then he has to pout for ten minutes until I convince him that it's just a rug.

Ok two things, 1. I know I was a horrible potty trainer and by 2 1/2 we should be over the "accident" stage, but I'm pretty sure he was there when I was potty training her, so isn't he equally responsible?? and 2. The joys of having dogs completely outweigh the problems that come along with them like peeing on rugs and chewing on the cabinet wood corners in the bathroom... Right?!?! I'm not sure what to do about our little pee monster. I guess we should buy stock in rug companies.The funny things is that five minutes after the incident Rich is the one cuddled up with kiwi on the couch........ he is such a push over!


Woods said...

How could you ever get rid of that sweet face?? She is stinkin' cute! I think she is worth all the new rugs in the world!!

Tawny Reagan said...

This story surprisingly makes me want to get a dog! We gave ours away when we moved to Cali and I still miss him. I love that one second you're so ticked at something they do, but the next second you can't help loving them. They are so forgiving of US, they're good examples. I love doggys, espetially Kiwi...look at that face!

Dan and Lindsey Walker said...

Hey this is Lindsey (Boren) Walker. I accidently left you a comment on your last post instead of this one and don't know if you would see it. Anyway don't know if you will remember me, just wanted to say hi!

Thorntons said...

Britt that story about your dog was hilarious! How the crap are you? I haven't seen you forever I miss you trememdously! You are so fuuny! Thanks for always leaving the cutest little comments on my blog! Having little kids is so fun and crazy as I am sure you know even though they are older they require no more less work! I love you to pieces! Let me know how your doing!!!

Woods said...

I really love the dog and everything, but I want to see some pictures of you!! How 'bout it??? Hope all is well. I love you!!!