Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Little Erik

One of the best things about children is their genuineness. They are so honest, so real and their innocence is irresistable. We had the boys do Christmas lists last night and I wanted to post some of little Erik's wish list--The list was long and of course he listed the usual "boy toys" but I wanted to post the best ones. The spelling is exactly how he had it--which makes it even better. :) I translated for you.

*A gerbal but not a rill one. ( A gerbil but not a real one)

*A statue of a eagl. (eagle)

*A stuffed pengun.(penguin)

*A snow globe with a pengun. (penguin--I have no idea what's up with all the animals)

*A bow and arrow (and next to that he has....fake one) :)

*A drum set and a a gitar. (guitar)

Rich and I also made lists and the boys looked at ours and Erik took mine and wrote at the bottom....a ring... and then handed it to Rich. I LOVE THIS BOY!

Catch up!

Hey girls!!! It's been a crazy couple of weeks, I havent been able to post anything because we have been so busy, my finals have been winding down and we have been preparing for Rich to leave on Tuesday, packing his stuff, paperwork, finalizing wills--NO FUN AT ALL. So to catch you up on the last month, thats where we have been--oh I need all of your addresses I will be sending out our Christmas cards so if you could just post your address as a comment so I have everyones that would be great!! Also are we going to do a Christmas party when I come out to visit? I will be there from the 20th thru the 2nd. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions.....Love you all! XOXO

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day

In honor of Veteran's Day and the Marine Corps Birthday (Nov. 10 1775) I wanted to post part of the message that was put out by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Please take a minute to read it and to think about the men and women who serve our country.

"Since the birth of our nation, our liberty has been purchased by valiant men and women of deep conviction, great courage, and bold action; the cost has often been in blood and tremendous sacrifice. As Americas sentinels of freedom, United States Marines are counted among the finest legions in the chronicles of war. Since 1775, Marines have marched boldly to the sounds of the guns and have fought fiercely and honorably to defeat the scourge of tyranny and terror. We are the Marines--that is what we do. Just like the Marines at Belleau Wood-we are once again engaged in sustained operations ashore. The Marines have been given the toughest sector and have prevailed over a resilient and determined enemy who has made us pay for our gains. Once again, as in any struggle the road ahead is far from certain but as marines we are not dissuaded by the challenges of war or the tough conditions of a warrior's life. On our 232nd birthday-- to every marine, those still in uniform and those who have served honorably in the past--be proud of who you are and what you do. Know that your citizenship dues have been paid in full you are part of this nation's elite warrior class.

Cherish our families who offer marvelous support, abiding resolve, and steadfast patience. Remember those who have served and those who have fallen--their names are chiseled on the roll call of America's heroes. Those who have carried the battle colors of our Corps have forged our heritage, and today's generation of leathernecks chart our future. Carry the colors with pride, carry them with honor!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Exciting Life

Soooo since I don't have cute babies of my own to post pics of everyday, I am left with posting what is exciting in my life right now and right now, retainers are most of you I had braces in junior high, and once they were off I NEVER wore my retainer, well now im paying the price with my bottom teeth, one is starting to shift, so rather than having to wear braces all over again for two yrs I chose the retainer route...Let me just tell you ladies that nothing makes you feel more sexy than popping your retainers in before getting into bed WOW, talk about spicin' it up in the bedroom!!! .....NOT! Not only do I feel like a 14 yr old again, but I talk with a lisp, I spit all over, and apparently when Im sleeping I subconsciously take them out because when I wake up in the mornings we find them in random places in the bed or stuck to Rich's back (gross I KNOW!) . Not to mention that my dentist also told me that if I dont stop grinding my teeth at night I will have to wear a mouth guard! WHAT?!?! So picture what a hot mess I am at night with my retainers in and my mouth guard--next thing will be head gear!!! No wonder Im not engaged yet?!?!?!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tag! Its my turn!

Now that everyone has been tagged, I'm it and I will have no one else to tag!! NOT FAIR!
Ok this is really going to take some memory jogging to go back ten years ago...but here goes....

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
*Probably still wearing body suits-yeah the kind that snap in your crotch. Apparently I thought they were cute.
*Wanted to start shaving my legs so bad and would beg my mom every night to let me.
*Putting curlers in my hair before school pictures. Yuck.
*Making home videos with my friends pretending like we were on talk shows, and thinking we were hilarious.
*Sportin' the braces!!

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago:
*Senior in highschool , couldn't wait to graduate
*Getting my CNA license.
*Thinking I would be married right after highschool. HA!
*Working at the Assisted Living as a CNA
*Couldn't wait to move out and go to U of U.

5 Things I was doing 1 year ago:
*Adjusting to my new life in Virginia and loving it!
*Getting settled in our new townhome.
*Missing my family and friends back home!
*Bought our first puppy Kiwi
*Appyling for nursing schools and praying every night that I would get in! It worked!!

5 Snacks I enjoy:
*Ice Cream
*Ice Cream
*Swedish Fish
*Anything chocolate
*More ice cream

5 Things I did yesterday:(how boring is this for all of you! Im sorry!)
*Had a hair appt in the morning
*Attempted to take our family pictures for X-mas cards
*Went to Target--I swear we are at Target 17 times a week. Can't get enough of that store
*Cleaned my house
*Had movie night with the boys

5 Jobs I've had:
*Johnnie's waitress!!YES!
*CNA at Assisted Living
*Home Health Care/Hospice CNA
*Medical Biller/CNA at Cardiologist Office

5 Things I would do if I had a million dollars:
*Invest it!
*Pay off our mortgage and car
*Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop
*Put money in savings for the boys
*Go on a dream vacation--probably not just one!

5 TV shows I like:
*The Hills--Shut your mouth--- I LOVE IT! Everyone has a guilty pleasure!
*Anything on HGTV I love home shows and decorating etc..
*The Office
*The Bachelor
*Used to watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy

5 Things I hate doing:
*Getting up early--esp when its dark and cold outside.
*Cleaning the tub/showers
*Cooking --Thank goodness Rich LOVES to
*Paying bills--watching all that hard earned money go just like that!
*Blow drying my hair--I know this is random, but I really don't like it, I wish my hair would just dry straight.

5 Biggest Joys of the moment:
*RICH RICH and more RICH, couldn't ask for anyone better. I want to squeeze him all the time.
*Ryan and Erik, they give me a glance into mother hood and as much as I would love to claim them as my own, I find so much joy just being in their lives.
*Being in nursing school and finally achieving my dream..... ok cheeseball
*Being a marine "wife" and all the excitement that comes with the job.
*Our dogs--we are the pathetic dog owners that treat our dogs like people.

People I tag--The rest of you have been saved since you have already been tagged!
*Jess (Schonberg)