Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time for an update...and I was Tagged

I hope you all don't think I am the most depressing blogger ever! I just had to let it all hang out in that last post and I feel much better!
So I am on my 2nd round of deployments and we are already into our 2nd week so things are movin' and I'm feeling motivated! There's a little saying in the Marine Corps that as the woman you need to make it through atleast one deployment with your man in order to really test your relationship and that it truly reflects your integrity and dedication to eachother. blah blah blah, but after going through one I really see the importance of it--and as hard as it was at times, I survived, we survived and we are better because of it. Hopefully after this one I will not only survive but I will get something shiny out of it!
So I was tagged like a year ago with the husband tag--I'm not sure if I technically qualify to do this tag, but he is close enough right? so.....

How long have you been married? Not married but been together for 4 years and been living together for 2 1/2 years which is just as hard AND wonderful as being married! It will happen someday, for now we are just fine...really.
How old is your hubby? Rich will forever be 29, for those of you who know him, this is not me dodging the question this is the truth.

Who eats more?.....depends on what we are eating, Rich can definitely put down some food, but he is no match to me with some oreos and milk!
Who said I love you first? Rich started saying something crazy like, " I love your snacks" and I'd be like, You love my what?!? and he would just smile and say you know what I love....but being the woman I insisted that I had no idea what that meant (even though I did I just wanted him to say the real thing not something gay like my freaking snacks!) so eventually I won, and he definitely said it first. But I quickly quickly followed!
Who is taller? He is. Thank goodness, not sure I could date a smaller/shorter guy. Is that mean?
Who sings better? Rich thinks he sings better....and to be honest he does sing better.
Who is smarter? Hmmmm we are smart in different areas, Rich can't spell to save his life or my life for that matter, so I definitely wouldn't nominate him for the spelling bee, but one thing I love about him is that he will suprise me with new things that he is actually really smart on and I had no idea he even knew about. He is street smart and book smart, I'm mostly book smart, but that's why I have him around so I can ask him questions! Together we can figure anything out--even Ry's math homework which can suprisingly be hard!

Who controls the TV remote?.....we have had this battle many times but there are nights when we both are interested in the same thing like the Hills haha! But on nights where I want to watch HGTV and he wants to watch something with motorcylces or something manly we compromise and switch off. But I think deep down he loves HGTV.....
Whose temper is worse? Rich is as patient as they come, which is awesome for me because I need all the patience I can get. I'll get mad real quick but get over it just as fast, if something really upsets rich he lingers on it, but that doesn't happen very often.
Who does the laundry? Will someone please explain to Rich that the laundry is not done just because you put it in the dryer!!!!! You still have to fold it!! He will take clothes out of the dryer put them in the basket and by the time I get around to folding them they need to be dryed again because they are so wrinkled! He definitely tries to help and for that I give him credit, he will start loads and I appreciate that, but all in all I do it.
Who does the dishes? We share this job, Rich hates having dishes in the sink so he helps out with dishes all the time. I love that. I clean the rest of the kitchen for sure though.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I sleep furthest away from the door, I have a phobia about that, but there are nights, occasionally that we will swap just to change it up. Wierd huh? Mostly because our mattress sucks and I get tired of sinking in to the middle of the bed. Time for a new mattress.
Who cooks dinner? RICH RICH RICH!! I do breakfast, he loves to cook, he will get so excited about a really good recipe and did I mention he likes the food network? Yup! I'm sure he appreciates that I just shared that! He cooks I clean. We both work and go to school so it's only fair to split it up.

Who is more stubborn? Me for sure. no question. Im trying to be better though.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? ummmm probably him, that stubbornness of mine can be a B%$^#. We both hate to fight though I don't think we have ever had a fight last more than a couple hours. We forget why we were even mad.
Whose parents do you see most? mine
Who has more friends? Alot of our friends are couples, and we both have friends from back home so that makes it pretty equal, I stay in touch and talk with my friends more than he does though.

Who has more siblings? If you count my step and half siblings we are equal. He has two brothers and a sister, I have two sisters and a brother.
Who wears the pants? I DO! He knows I am the final decision maker, maybe I need to not be so opinionated. We definitely talk things through together and make important decisions together but for the most part I just decide because I am a little bossy. ok maybe alot bossy. not proud of it though.

Monday, June 9, 2008

When it Rains is Pours...

Don't you ever feel like when one thing goes wrong everything comes crashing down? Ok maybe I'm exaggerating because I am in the heat of the moment now, but after reading Ash's blog the other day about her day at the post office I felt like the last two weeks of my life have been just like that! Only I didn't even get to pee my pants! I'm seriously going to list everything that has gone wrong for us.....not for your pity just to VENT!

1. BOTH boys got some virus possible strep and I had to miss work to stay home with them. Never fun to use your vacation days for things other than vacation.
2. Rich's motorcyle had to get some work done on it and the day we went to pick it up from the shop ($470 dollars later) he pulled out and got to the first stop light, not only did it break down again but he ran over a nail and we had to replace a $300 tire. OUCH!
3. So I ordered the tire online because they said it would be delivered next day--10 days later I finally get the tire. I called and complained about their false advertising. Still didn't get my refund.
4. I paid our mortagae payment online and somehow they processed it TWICE, ok that wouldn't be a big deal if it was like a utility payment or something small, but it was our mortagage people! And I found out when Rich went to put gas in the car and it declined his card--so he called me.......ummmm Britt why is there no money in our account??
5. We took the boat out with some friends and got caught in a lightning tornado storm and almost died.
6. On that same trip I left my cell phone in the car thinking it was a nice safe place for it, but some idiot (me) left the sunroof open and it rained of course (hence the tornado/lightning) and my phone was floating in the cup holder.
7. I took it to Verizon and they told me all they had in stock was a bright pink version of it--I could take that one or wait a week to get a black one. I told them that if I wanted the pink one I would've bought the pink one in the first place and that they could take my $5.00/mo I pay for insurance and shove it if they didn't get me the same phone I already had. The poor guy at Verizon didn't deserve my attitude by any means but at this point I had reached my max.
8. Then I woke up with a tick in my thigh!! Who wakes up with a tick in their thigh unless they are on a mountain somewhere?!? We figured out that the dogs brought them into our room. so nice.
9. And the latest and greatest was the other day when my front tooth started turning gray so I took a trip to the dentist to discover that I had fractured my front tooth somehow and need a root canal and possible veneer, I didn't mind that so much---until my little sister called me lauging hysterically saying, So mom said you have to get dentures?

oh and Rich leaves Saturday for Afghanistan again....I need a hug from someone--anyone!!